Clarksville Test

How well do you know your Clarksville history?

Who are these people?

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See How Well You Did!

The Answers

  1.  This picture should be familiar to most UT and basketball fans.  That’s Pat (Head) Summitt, and basketball is in her blood.  Pat was born in Clarksville and, during her high school years, her family moved to nearby Henrietta because Clarksville did not have a women’s basketball team.  The rest of her basketball coaching career is well-known to fans across the nation.
  2. That’s Frank Sutton (1923-1974), born in Clarksville and better known to you as Sgt. Vince Carter.   Sgt. Carter yelled a lot at the hapless Gomer Pyle, USMC.  In fact, he yelled at him for five seasons on-the-air and throughout many, many reruns.  Mr. Sutton is buried in Clarksville.
  3. Did you know that James (Jimi) Hendrix did some military time at Fort Campbell?  His military career was short (1961-1962); the story is his commanding officers said he was more interested in playing guitar than in learning basic drills such as marksmanship.  When his band started playing their first gigs in Clarksville, Jimi boasted an unusual skill: playing guitar with his teeth.  This photo is from 1962.
  4. You probably recognize Wilma Rudolph (1940-1994) as Clarksville’s celebrated Olympic gold medalist (3 gold medals, 1960 Summer Olympics, Rome).  What you may not have known about Wilma was that she worked through a serious handicap: a leg twisted from polio.
  5. You may not recognize these two, but Becky Wynne (left) moved to Clarksville as a teenager, and Sharon Felton (right) is a Clarksville native.  Both work for Parks Properties (Nashville), and they have teamed up to help you with any of your real estate needs: listing your property for sale, providing a little pre-sale staging advice, helping you find the right home (in a great neighborhood and at the right price), or teaching you even more about Clarksville.  We are Clarksville experts!

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