Welcome to Nashville

Found this super-enthusiastic “Welcome to Nashville” video on FB and thought it was certainly worth sharing.  If you’re even thinking of moving to Nashville, there are so many super neighborhoods.  This video is pretty central Nash specific.

Sylvan Park, Brentwood, Germantown, 12th South, the Hillsboro Village area (near Vanderbilt), and Music Row area (near Belmont), and Green Hills — the location for my Parks office — all figure prominently in this video.  You will love Pancake Pantry, guaranteed.  You’ll also love visiting the Parthenon with its terrific gardens and, of course, the replica of the ancient Parthenon.

I believe that these talented videographers need to do Welcome to Nashville Part Two.  In Part Two, they will need to expand their focus a bit; they need to include Goodlettsville and Hendersonville and White House.  I’ll even help these guys find something in Goodlettsville or Hendersonville that is worthy of their enthusiasm!  If they want to venture a little further south than Nashville proper, the neighborhoods in Arrington, Nolensville, areas of Franklin, are all special places.

And I did see Nashville West Shopping Center represented in the video, so they are well on their way to highlighting West Nashville and Bellevue areas.  There is just so much potential in this video.  No matter where you choose to live as you are welcomed to Nashville, I will get you to a better place!  Please write me with any questions you have, and in the meantime, enjoy this terrific video.