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Nashville by Felton The photograph to the left is a beautiful nighttime shot of Nashville, Tennessee; both the building locally known as the “Batman” building and the Cumberland River are visible in this picture.  This is Nashville, the busy capitol of Tennessee.

But we’ve also got miles and miles of marvelous rural country, where stately tulip poplar trees and cows take you back to a quieter and more peaceful time.  And for those of you who love water, we have lakes and rivers galore ready frural TNor fishing, boating, swimming, and water-skiing and white-water rafting (for the brave).  Tennessee really does have it all (except, ahem, a beach).  Middle Tennessee has a great deal to offer (and, by the way, we can help you locate a great deal!)

Visit this website (our own Parks website)  to get a great description of some of Middle Tennessee’s widely different neighborhoods:

You may want a second perspective:

If you have children, it’s likely that one of the first pieces to your “relocation” puzzle is where are the best schools.  But because there’s a lot of area in Middle Tennessee that’s outside of greater Nashville, the single best website to visit for Middle Tennessee information is Great Schools.  I’ll be glad to assist you in searching area schools for a particular interest you might have for your children; just ask!

Are you moving to one of these popular areas in or around Nashville?  While we can’t list all of the popular attractions and employers in Middle Tennessee, here are a few of our favorite areas where we’ve done business — and hope to assist you as well.  For your convenience, we’ve provided links that will give you more information about the company or employer.

New for 2015?  Both Bridgestone (great tires!) and Barrett (preferred firearms) have announced plans to bring their companies (and jobs) to Middle Tennessee.  We’ll keep you posted on their developments.

ClarksvilleAustin Peay State UniversityTrane.  U.S. Army.
Ashland City.  State Industries.
Nashville.  Vanderbilt University or Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  Monroe Carell Children’s Hospital.  Hospital Corporation of America (HCA).  Caterpillar.  State of Tennessee.  Metro Government.  Dell Computers.  St. Thomas Hospital.  Gaylord.  The new Music City Center.  Nashville Predators.  Tennessee Titans.  Nashville music of all kinds!
Spring Hill.  Nissan.
Goodlettsville. Dollar General.
Murfreesboro.  Middle Tennessee State University.  Ingram Books.

You already know we love our veterans.  (Sharon’s a native of Clarksville).  But did you know that Clarksville has the second-highest concentration of vets in the United States?  We are proud to serve vets and their families with any of their real estate requirements.  Just let us know.


For our Clarksville friends at Fort Campbell: Here’s a special informational section for you.  Sharon has earned her Military Relocation Professional certification, so please ask her anything you might need to know about your PCS orders.

Here is a helpful website for our military folks that offers lots of good, free guides for the process of buying a home and getting ready to sell your home:

Interested in pursuing the VA loan process?  You will need a Certificate of Eligibility (COE).  The COE validates that you have met the service requirements to qualify for a VA loan.  What are those requirements?  It’s 181 days of service during peacetime; 90 days of service during war time; or 6 years of service in either the Reserves or the National Guard.  A surviving spouse of a veteran killed in the line of duty may also be eligible.  Ask your lender to obtain your COE.  VA-approved lenders have access to a special database that will allow them to determine your COE in just a few minutes.  You can also obtain your COE through the Veterans United website or through regular mail, but these avenues take longer.  Please note: obtaining the COE is only the first step.  The property you select will still need to meet VA approval, and you must still meet the basic financial requirements your lender determines (such as your credit score, your income-to-debt ratio, etc.).  For more information on the COE, call a Veterans United loan specialist at 1-888-212-1958.

In 2015 — check this calculator to see the VA loan limits for five Middle Tennessee counties.  Some counties are no longer limited to a maximum loan amount of $417,000!

VA Limits by

Another excellent source of information on home condition problems that might crop up when wishing to qualify for a VA loan:

**The Housing Office at Fort Campbell (Building 850, Georgia Avenue) contact: 270-798-3808.**


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