February 18: Drink Wine Day

Well, I promised you on the main We-blog page that not every post would be about living in Nashville, the local real estate market, or the best straight talk about buying or selling.  Today is one of those days where Nashville real estate isn’t being discussed.  Can you handle a post about wine?

Today, February 18th, is a national holiday: it’s drink wine day!


Now I must confess.  I probably won’t be celebrating wine-drinking today because I’ll be talking to a marketing person today and attending a community meeting this evening.  So — I celebrated last night instead, with the very first client to whom I sold a home (several years ago).  Yes, we have remained friends over these years…friends on FB with both “he” and “she,” the beneficiary of some of their homegrown vegetables, and I remain intrigued with their recent installation of solar panels on their home.  I was delighted to see their winter electric bill of -$35 (yep, minus)!  And we split a carafe of wine last evening at the upscale restaurant at which her son works.

So maybe the post does circle back around to Nashville real estate after all.  Because, to me, one of the very best benefits of being a Realtor is the number of friends I make.  If you’re my client, we will spend lots of hours together, and it’s almost certain we’ll end up being friends.  It’s one of the reasons I like to say I’ll get you to a #better place.  I’ll raise a glass to that!